How About Designing Your Wedding Dress?

Planning for wedding ceremonies are associated with excitement and anticipation. However, the preparation can also be nerve-wracking. Since this is something you are not used to, it may become overwhelming, especially if you lack the proper guidance beforehand. Among the most important aspects of a wedding preparation is choosing and getting the wedding dress ready. Since all the eyes will be mostly on the bride, it is important that the dress is eye-catching and attractive at the same time. Currently, there are various traditions relating to the wedding ceremony. Additionally, the more unusual themes can further complicate the process of searching for the suitable color, design and type of wedding dress. However, with all these drawbacks, you can still include your preferred special touches to the gown and make it as unique as possible.

The majority of brides have never conceived the idea of designing their own wedding dresses. Well, this is very possible and is among the various ways you can ensure that your dress is unique and beautiful, based on your own preferences. The majority of wedding dresses in bridal shops today are highly priced. This is mainly because of the additional and overhead costs involved. These costs can be avoided by designing your own wedding gown. If you have a friend or relative who is skilled in sewing, you can also have him or her make the dress you designed and save even more. Most importantly, designing your dress will ensure that you have a unique dress that brings out your personality.

If you are not skilled in designing dresses, you should get a professional in the field to help you with the process. After that, you will need to consider the overall theme of your wedding and the period of the year the event is going to hold. The other factor that can influence the design of your wedding dress is the location of the event. Additionally, you will also need to search for ideas from the internet and bridal magazines. In addition to these ideas, you can add your personal touches to the design to reflect your personal style.

After choosing the design, shape and color of the dress, you will also need to decide on the fabric of the dress. You should now present the design to the person who will be sewing the dress to put the ideas into shape. If you are designing your own wedding dress, you should allow yourself enough time before the wedding day to make any corrections to the design, if something is amiss.

Where to Start Your Wedding Dress Search

Your wedding dress will be one of the most exciting and memorable parts of your wedding. It’s something many brides keep long after the day is over.

There are so many different wedding gowns to choose from and you can start looking for the dress of your dreams today.

Beautiful dresses come in all styles and price ranges, so start with your own vision and go from there. Trying to decide if you want a long white gown or a tea-length dress? Five common styles of wedding gown include:

A-Line or Princess dress: With a fitted bodice and a flowing fabric from the waist down, this wedding dress looks beautiful on any body style.
Mermaid dress: This tight-fitting dress is flattering for slender brides, since it is fitted from the bodice all the way to the knee.
Ball Gown or Fairy Tale dress: A dramatic gown with flared-out skirt and a fitted bodice. Perfect for almost everyone – petite brides may feel a bit overwhelmed by the size of the dress.
Sheath dress: A narrow dress that is best suited for lean brides, this is also a favorite with petite brides. It has a fitted design that shows every curve.
Tea-Length dress: With a shorter skirt that typically come down just below the knees, this less-formal dress works well on brides of every size and shape.

If you are getting married in a religious ceremony, ask about appropriate dress guidelines. Then look at dresses online and in magazines to find some you think look good. Keep those pictures in your scrapbook and take them with you when you go to the bridal store.

Before you head out to the nearest bridal shop, make an appointment. They will appreciate your thoughtfulness and be able to dedicate more time to you when you come in. It can be helpful to visit 2-3 shops to get a good idea of what you like that falls into your budget.

Dress prices range from a few hundred dollars on up. Whatever your budget, there are lots of dresses to choose from. Knowing about what you want to spend on a dress will help you stay on budget, but if you are open to spending a little more, let the women helping you pick out the dress know that.

Some brides choose the green alternative to new, and look at consignment stores or resale sites online for beautiful dresses (many of which were never worn).

There are a lot of different choices, so take your time choosing the dress of your dreams.

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Wedding budget: Our Budget Tracker makes it easy for you to add items or change your wedding budget as you finalize the details.

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10 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Dress

1. Location: Your location can play a big part in what type of dress you choose. If you’re getting married on the beach in the summer you may want to stick to a light-weight dress without a train. If you’re going for a winter indoor wedding a ball gown dress or a modest dress might work best for the temperature.

2. Budget: Keep in mind the additional costs for accessories, undergarments and alterations. Alterations will most likely be an additional cost that most brides disregard. These costs usually account for 10-15% of the dress.

3. Start early: Make sure to keep track with a timeline or calendar. It can take anywhere from 4-8 months to get designer dresses. Make sure to have an additional month, at least, before the wedding for alterations.

4. Do some research: This is a definitely one of the most important of the 10 tips for choosing your wedding dress. There are a variety of different color whites, ivories, champagnes, and other wedding dress colors? Some body types work with certain dress styles. Take photos of dresses you find to stores to give the consultant a better idea of what you want or something similar.

5. Make a “game plan”: Decide where you want to go and when. Keep in mind that most bridal shops will be busiest on the weekends so going on a weekday may allow for more one-on-one time with your consultant and you’ll feel more like a princess being in the store with less people. Only go to 1 to 2 stores in one day or you will get overwhelmed. Allow about 1-1.5 hours at each store. Carry a notebook to keep track of dresses and styles you like and store info.

6. Bring backup: It’s always nice to have a second opinion but having too many opinions can be overwhelming. A suggested number of guests are 1-5. Keep in mind that it’s YOUR wedding so go with what you love and not what others love.

7. Find a dress for less: Most stores have discontinued (but still very gorgeous and trendy) dresses at lower costs. Don’t disregard these dresses! Some stores also have trunk shows where they may have sales the day of. You can also usually get coupons at bridal shows and other events.

8. Keep an open mind: Bridal consultants are there to help you. Some dresses look different on than just hanging. You never know what it looks like on you until you try it on.

9. Focus on fit not size: This is another very important tip for choosing your wedding dress. Most stores will only have sample sizes that are not your exact size. Bridal sizes also run smaller than normal clothing sizes. You always want to go with a size that fits now or larger. Alterations can always take in a dress but it can’t always be let out.

10. Get it in writing: Go over a contract or timeline with your consultant for deposit prices, when the dress will arrive, alterations estimates, shipping, and return policy. Also prior to order, make sure to double check the styles, size and color so there is no confusion.

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After the Wedding: What To Do With Your Wedding Dress

Nowadays brides are looking for way to leave a gentler carbon footprint on the earth. Brides are looking for ways to have weddings that are more eco friendly and less wasteful. If you are a bride that is looking for small yet tasteful way to celebrate your wedding, then continue reading.

Often times when you are shopping for a wedding dress, you tend to look for a wedding dress that makes you feel like a princess. Or you choose a wedding dress that made you cry the moment that you put it on, and of course we are all talking about tears of joy. For some of you brides, the final decision on which wedding dress to choose might very well boil down to budget.

No matter how you came to the decision on your wedding dress, there is something else you should consider. What happens when your big day has come and gone… you danced the final dance, the floral arrangements have died, the cake has been eaten and it is time to make a decision on what to do with your dress. You could hang it up in your closet and hope and wish that your daughter will someday want to be married in your wedding dress. You could sell it on a few websites that will allow you to post and sell it for free. But at the end of the day you could do something a little more unique and more eco friendly. After all, you certainly want to leave a little bit smaller of a carbon footprint on the earth, we all do.

One creative idea is to recycle your dress by turning pieces of the dress into a baby blanket. Turning parts of your dress into a baby blanket is a wonderful and loving way to wrap your baby with the love that was declared on your wedding day. Parts of the dress can also be turned into a handmade diaper bag or a diaper holder. Tons of matching creative things can all be made from your wedding dress; you just have to be open to the possibilities. What makes this so easy to do, is the fact that your dress will most likely be white. So whether you have a boy or a girl, the matching set will be perfect for your child. Start with looking for a seamstress or even a relative like your grandmother who would love the opportunity to create something for their great grandchild.

As long as you do something responsible with your wedding dress, and have it serve as a dual purpose, it will make you feel good inside that you’ve done a small part in protecting the earth.

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The History Of Your Wedding Dress

When planning your wedding, although there is an incredibly long list of things to do both big and small, but luckily the big things are actually quite few in number. You need a venue, a caterer, a wedding photographer, a cake, wedding outfits and some flowers. Those are the big spends, so you know once you have got those sorted out, you’re almost done. Interestingly, many of the decisions you are making for your wedding have years of history and tradition behind them. In particular, most of us know that brides haven’t always worn a white wedding dress, but do you know when it started and why?

Before Queen Victoria’s wedding in 1840, women usually got married in their best dress, whatever colour it was. After the Queen’s wedding to Albert of Saxe-Coburg when she chose a white dress rather than the traditionally royal colour silver, the wedding dress colour of choice gradually became white. In fact by 1849 a popular book on etiquette was already saying that “Custom has decided, from the earliest ages, that white is the most fitting hue,” so it was already attaining the status of a tradition despite being a relatively new trend! It was already being described as symbolising the purity and innocence of the bride.

Despite this new tradition many brides simply could not afford to buy a new dress, or even the fabric to make one, just for their wedding day. Particularly not in such an impractical colour as white! The majority continued to celebrate their marriage in their best Sunday frock. When the Industrial Revolution hit, and department stores started arriving in towns, it began to be possible for the average woman to buy a new dress for her wedding, and knowing it was traditional, they often chose white.

Nowadays, while women still feel that white is traditional, you can get married in anything you want! Traditionally styled wedding dresses come in a range of colours from the subtley off white shades of ivory or cream, through a variety of pastel shades, to more daring bold colours, even red and black. My wedding dress was gold and I certainly felt like a princess wearing it. It is important to wear something that makes you feel special, whatever colour it is, but you should also consider the theme of your wedding and the venue (you don’t want your dress to clash with the carpet!), as well as how photographic your wedding dress is. If possible, discuss your ideas with your wedding photographer. White dresses look stunning in black and white photographs, but dramatically coloured dresses obviously look better in colour. The colour of your dress may also affect the type of lighting your photographer chooses.

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How to Choose the Right Wedding Sash or Belt for Your Wedding Dress

The modern lifestyle brings a lot of edge to people who want to have a fashionable look even in their wedding ceremonies. Every woman wants to customize her wedding dress to achieve what she has been dreaming since she was little. Apart from the other ornaments like jewelry, some brides opt to accentuate their bridal gowns with a sash or belt of their own choice. Good thing there is a wide variety of bridal belts in the market, allowing the brides to choose any of it that will match their wedding motif. Similar to choosing the right wedding dress, you should also consider some factors first before buying a bridal belt. Some of the questions that you must ask yourself may include the following:

· What color should I get?
· How much money do I need to spend?
· Does m wedding dress look good with it?
· What kind of ornament should it have?
· Will a belt look good on my body type?

When you start looking for the perfect bridal sash, most wedding planners can provide you sound advice regarding the sash. This will be essential for you to come up with the wisest decision while saving some amount of money at the same time. Having a bridal sash can help you look flattering, and gives an emphasis on your body shape. This can be done by matching well bridal sash with your wedding dress. For instance, if your gown is very detailed, you might consider a simple and a horsehair ribbon sash. Conversely, if your dress looks plain and simple, you can choose with a more lavish belt. The belt should be more dramatic but pairing it with a very simple gown keeps the look too over the top. And the belt on the right is embellished with details, but a little bit subdued, so it doesn’t mix with the texture of the wedding dress.

Of course, you must also keep in mind your body type. Examples of different body types include apple-shaped, inverted triangle-shaped, pear-shaped, rectangular shaped, hourglass shaped, and so on. Every woman prefers those wedding dress styles that will improve their waist definition and flatter their dress up in its entirety. So, if you have a shorter torso, you might as well avoid making your torso look any shorter by dividing it with a belt. The solution is to opt for something simple in color that is most likely similar to the color of your wedding dress.

Lastly, the price should also be one of your concerns when buying for a bridal sash. Due to the fact that there are many belts and sashes to choose from, there is a good chance that you can find a sash that fits your budget. The price for this item usually ranges from $30 to $198. Of course, avoid overspending as much as possible. is the worldwide online wedding apparel retail and wholesale website and we have the best prices on Wedding Dresses [] and Special Occasion Dresses []. We provide complete one-stop shopping for your special day.

Why NOT to Trim Your Wedding Dress Budget

Planning a wedding is expensive, and finding ways to trim the budget is important to many brides. One area that you should NOT trim the budget, however, is the dress. That doesn’t mean that you have to spend an outrageous amount of money for your dream gown, but trying to take the cheapest possible route when it comes to your dress is not a good idea.

Here are some reasons why NOT to trim your wedding dress budget followed by a couple of ideas of where you can save some money on your wedding.

One Day

Your wedding day comes along, ideally, once in a lifetime. This is the day that your life changes forever, and your wedding dress is the most important garment that you will ever wear.


When you look at your wedding photographs, seeing your dress should rekindle the feelings that you had as you donned that gown and walked down the aisle to meet your groom. If you were not happy with the dress, it is likely that you will not be as happy when perusing your wedding photos a few years from now.

Next Generation

For many families, a wedding dress is something that gets passed down to the next generation. When you consider that, you realize that the money that you spend on your dress is about more than just your wedding day. It is about passing on something that was very special to you to your daughter and to future generations.

If you purchase a dress that you don’t really love, the thrill of passing it down will be greatly diminished.

Feeling Like a Bride

Every bride wants to feel beautiful on her big day. Ask anyone who has found their perfect wedding dress and they will tell you that a certain feeling came over them when they put on their dream dress. Settling for less won’t make you less of a bride, but you may feel like less of a bride.

If you need to find a little wiggle room in your budget, here are a few things to consider.


Go a bit closer for your holiday. You can always take a fabulous holiday for your first anniversary – and every anniversary thereafter! Trim a bit off of the budget for the wedding holiday and put it towards your dress.


If you serve one less appetizer or have one less champagne toast, you can save some money that can be applied to your dress.

Other good areas to make some cuts are the wedding favours, the cake and the transportation for the bridal party.

There are plenty of ways to save money on your wedding without sacrificing the dress of your dreams.

Getting Into And Out Of Your Wedding Dress

Having fallen head over heels in love with your wedding dress you are now counting down the days, weeks and months until you get to wear your dream wedding gown. It is only when you go to put it on, probably at your bridal fitting that you may realise that you don’t actually know how to get into, or how to get out of your wedding dress. It is a good idea to have someone who will be with you when you are getting ready for your wedding to accompany you to a fitting so the assistant can show you and them how the dress works. This is also handy if you are having an evening loop fitted to hook up your train later on in the evening. You can also designate this job to the person assisting you with your wedding dress on the big day.

The bridal wear market has many styles of wedding dresses. Zip-backed dresses are probably the easiest to get in and most definitely the quickest for you to get out of. If your dress has a zip back and the zip is struggling to glide up on the day then a paper clip or piece of ribbon threaded through the loop may assist. Some zip back wedding dresses feature lacing or hook and eye detailing in the inner part of the wedding gown. Ensure this is done securely and comfortably first before doing the zipper otherwise you may end up fidgeting throughout your day.

Some bridal gowns feature delicate button backs. They look beautiful but can prove tricky to do up so make sure you allow plenty of time to put on your wedding dress on the day. A crochet hook can be a very useful tool for pulling over the loops onto the buttons. Begin at the bottom and work your way up. It’s usually easier to undo the buttons than it is to do them up!

Corset or lace back wedding dresses can also be time consuming to put on. Start lacing the gown at the top of the bodice, ensuring that the lacing thread or ribbon is of even lengths either side. Check that you are happy with positioning of the dress and that there is no gaping around the neckline and is sat where it should be on the bustline before the person doing up the lacing starts. If the bride places her hands on her waist it will help keep the dress in place and create an illusion of a smaller waist. As the person lacing your dress threads the lace through the loops they should be going in the same direction to create a symmetrical pattern. The laces should be tightened as they work their way down the V shape back, ensuring that the lacing is not twisted and stays flat. On reaching the end of the lacing it can then be tied securely in a bow. It is a personal choice as to whether you have the remaining ribbon left trailing outside of your wedding dress or tucked in. Have a look in the mirror at both options to you as to which you would prefer. Thankfully, for the groom, lace back wedding gowns are easier to get off than what they are to put on. Unfasten the bow and pull out the lacing – Simple!

One last tip if your wedding dress is going on over your head is to place a towel over your face and put your arms up, above your head to prevent any make up transferring onto your bridal gown.

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Choosing Your Jewellery to Complement Your Wedding Dress

Your wedding day jewellery is an important accessory to your wedding dress. There are so many options available, with metals including silvers and golds to precious gems and stones such as cubic zirconia, Austrian and Swarovski crystal and not forgetting diamonds. What you choose is very much dependent on your individual style and budget.

Many brides will use inspiration from their wedding gown when looking for their jewellery and will create a style or look around that so they work in harmony together. It is essential they do not overpower your wedding dress and work well with your other accessories, such as your veil and tiara. Other elements to consider include the type of ceremony you are having and your hairstyle. Your individual items do not necessarily have to match but they should compliment each other.

The colour of your wedding dress can be a deciding factor. If you’re having a white wedding gown silver and white pearls would work best, whereas an ivory dress would be more suited to ivory pearls and either gold or silver. A gold or champagne coloured wedding dress looks great with gold coloured jewellery. Sparkles such as diamante, crystals and diamonds work with all types of wedding dresses whatever their colour. Every bride needs a bit of sparkle on their wedding day!

As so many wedding dress styles are strapless it is the perfect opportunity to wear a dazzling necklace and earring set. If your wedding gown has a high neckline then the necklace can go amiss and instead focus on a stunning set of earrings, long dropper styles would work particularly well. Simple wedding dresses can look fabulous with chunky, heavier styled jewellery, whereas if your dress is very ornate or features lots of detailing then more delicate softer jewellery is more appropriate. You should consider the detail in your wedding gown when looking for jewellery. If your dress has pearls with rainbow crystals then choose jewellery with similar stones so they work together accordingly.

Your ceremony can sometimes be an influence on your jewellery. If you’re having a grand wedding in a castle then more elaborate pieces would fit in well, whereas a small intimate low-key celebration would suit something a bit simpler.

If you are having a veil you may want to take into consideration its style. Some veils have added diamante and sparkle, a ribbon or lace edging or even pearl droppers. The more detailed your veil is, the more delicate your jewellery should ideally be in order to achieve a bridal look that is balanced.

How you choose to wear your hair can decipher your earring choice. A swept back or updo looks beautiful with long dropper type earrings. If you’re wearing your hair down be careful of any dangling types getting caught up in your hair. If you choose to have a very striking necklace then smaller earrings tend to be a good balance and not too overpowering. You don’t want to detract away from that amazing wedding dress.

Alternatively you may be wearing a family heirloom or something loaned to you from a friend as part of your ‘something borrowed’ or perhaps your husband to be is going to treat you to your ‘something new’ with a special item of jewellery to wear on your wedding day.

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Buying Your Wedding Dress Online

Everyone likes to grab a bargain, especially with the ever-increasing cost of living. Getting married is expensive,and as a couple embarking on an exciting new journey you will be hoping to keep your costs down to a minimum where you can. There are many ways in which you can do this, be it making your own wedding favours or invitations to having your friend make your wedding cake, however can you really compromise when it comes to your wedding dress.

You will probably have seen and heard about wedding gowns for sale on auction websites, and unauthorised Internet sellers advertising their cheap dresses at unbelievably low prices. Unfortunately we have come across many sad stories from brides who fell into the trap of purchasing their bridal wear from these sellers. Their ordered wedding dresses have often arrived faulty, damaged, the wrong colour or style and are often a counterfeit copy. With no refund or replacement policy in place the bride is left utterly devastated and without a wedding gown to wear on the most important day of her life.

There are also other risks to consider if you are swayed into purchasing from one of these ‘Too good to be true’ deals. When buying an item online from various other countries you have to pay Customs Duty and VAT charges when it comes into the country. It is common for the seller to send across the wedding dress and declare it as a ‘gift’. By doing so the wedding gown has entered the country illegally as its commercial value has not been officially declared. The bride herself is responsible as an importer for all the information provided by the seller on the declaration form. If Customs are able to prove that the value is incorrect then the buyer (i.e. you, the bride!) is liable for the penalty fine, and purchasing a counterfeit good is also illegal.

You can however get your dream wedding dress at a fraction of the cost without any risks, financially or emotionally. There are bridal shops out there offering discounted designer wedding dresses that are exactly the same as the ones in the more expensive shops, and it’s well worth scouring the internet for these shops. They will give you the opportunity to go into a real shop and try on some dresses before you buy. It’s just not worth the risk of buying a dress online; even if you have seen one just like it in a shop, there is no guarantee that will be the dress that is delivered.

The Wedding Dress Factory Outlet offers over 700 designer wedding dresses at a fraction of their retail price. For high quality discount wedding gowns, visit us at our Leicestershire store and find your perfect wedding dress.